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How to Brand Yourself with Social Media

Brand Yourself with Social Media

Unleashing the power of your personal brand extends far beyond mere product sales or services rendered. In this article of How to Brand Yourself with social media in the digital age, where social media reigns supreme, the art of crafting a magnetic personal brand can be your key to unlocking success with lightning speed and unrivaled ease.

Picture this: the virtual landscape brimming with countless platforms, each vying for attention and loyalty. It’s a fierce battleground of brands, where competition has reached unprecedented heights. In this exhilarating era, branding has become an absolute necessity, demanding your unwavering commitment.

Amidst the ever-expanding realm of social digital media, the sheer multitude of brands can leave you awestruck. But fear not, for within this vast sea of possibilities lies an extraordinary opportunity to claim your spot in the limelight.

Steps for Creating Your Personal Brand!

The online world is constantly changing and keeping up with the current movements is the only way to stay pertinent; and having a quality personal brand is the best way to add value to a business.

We are no longer anonymous, because we are all online. We need to control the narratives about what we stand for and who we are.  This is all a way of removing the barriers that exist between you, as a content creator, and your audience. It is the way you present yourself to your audience and how they will interact with you.

One of the first things you want to do is identify what I call (SWOT), it’s an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats knowing these will make you unique, so you can have a solid foundation. 

Think about it like this, if you start to build a house you must have a solid foundation. If there are cracks in the foundation it will not be long before the whole thing crumbles. 

You need to be able to understand yourself, including your motivations and personality in order to harness the best elements of it to shine in your personal branding.


Understanding Attributes

 Understanding Attributes, You Might Naturally Have!

In business it needs to be understood that there are multiple things when dealing with people that need to be considered, and different people value many things in different ways. 

You need to decide which are the most important, and most relevant attributes to be manipulated into your personal branding. It can be helpful to make a list of the following. 

What are your: 

  • Past successes? 
  • Strengths? 
  • Goals? 
  • Experiences? 
  • Passions? 
  • Personality traits? 
  • Values? 
  • Beliefs? 
  • Interests? 

What are the words that you want to be used in and associated with your brand? Write down as many things as you can think of for each of the aforementioned categories. Then go through and highlight the ones that stand out to you, add more if you got them. 

They should be most important, and most usable ones that have the ability to inspire your branding. By all means don’t be afraid to use your life. Also use your experiences, strengths and ambitions because that is what makes you, you. 

They are what will make your audience connect with you. From here on out it gets a little easier, because once everything is visibly developed and strategized it will make the remainder of the business planning a breeze. 

It is also important to note, however, that you should also be monitoring your branding strategy as your business unfolds. As your business grows your monitoring should be a part of your admin over time, it will eventually become second nature.

How to Use a Social Media to Promote Your Business

How to Brand Yourself with Social Media-Social Media Platforms Facebook, Twitter, Phostar....
Social Media Platforms

 Social Media Promoting Your Business

There are so many different social media platforms in existence at the moment. It can be tempting to just join and post constantly on everything in order to try and reach the most amount of people. 

However, now that you have visibly developed and strategized it will make it easier to target your main social media to your audience and build up from there. 

We don’t believe that specializing in all social media platforms is not necessary to build a strong brand. Pick one or two specific platforms is better than generalizing in many different ones. 

The key to social media is simply to stand out and putting your high-quality content on the right platforms is the easiest way to grow your following. 

We are not going to talk about all the social media platforms out there, that will be too much. Use the three platforms’ illustrations we picked as a guideline to help you in the ones you choose. 

Instead of talking about all platforms, we have picked three social media platforms that we think are the most important platforms for advertising; they are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Twitter is an expansive platform that you can use to follow leaders in your field and stay relevant in your specific niche.  Using Twitter is a good way to connect with similar people, so make sure you follow all the relevant influencers and brands in your industry. 

Interaction is very important on Twitter, the best way to build up a following is to interact with other people’s tweets, as well as posting your own. Incorporate your personal brand in your bio and use hashtags that are related to your specific niche. 

Retweet top industry stories and connect with other people through their accounts.

  • For instance, if you’re into collecting, selling, and trading high-end sneakers, you could add hashtags like #sneakerheads, #jordan, #kicks, and #kicks on fire.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. Everyone is on it, which means you need to be careful how you use it. Use a business page and attach it to a business profile account that aligns with your personal branding. 

Be active and share content from other platforms. Being active on Facebook is key—make sure that your page has a high response time, and you post on a regular basis. Joining Facebook groups, “liking” and interacting with similar profiles are a great way to build up your audience. 

Being active on Facebook is key make sure that your page has a high response time, and you post on a regular basis. 


LinkedIn is the social networking site for professionals. Having a detailed profile outlining your goals, business and past experience is a fantastic way to add professionalism to your personal branding. It is a platform full of like-minded people looking to make connections, grow their own businesses and further their own careers. It is a great place to post your own content. 


A website is a super important part of your personal brand because it’s what people will see and how they’ll contact you or purchase something from you. Use a hosting service like Wealthy Affiliate Platform which makes designing your website super simple and they provide you with a domain and more, there’s also a free plan so, you can start today.

Other popular web hosting services include GoDaddy, Bluehost, and HostGator. You’ll need to pay a subscription fee to keep your website up and running.

Choose a domain name that suits your brand. For instance, if you’re into yoga, you could go with something like “yogabylarry.com.”

Irrespective I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform because it helped us grow my brand. We think it is worth the time to look at their platform because it offers a lot of information helps building websites and training in their Free Plan

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Final Thoughts:

The path to success is paved with ideas of all shapes and sizes. As you move forward with your online business, remember the importance of being open to experimentation, knowing that some of them will succeed, and some will totally flop. Your next big idea could be just around the corner.

Do not be afraid to shake things up! Your personal branding is what will allow you to fully live out your dreams. No one has ever made a difference in the world by following all the rules.

The key to social media is simply to stand out and putting your high-quality content on the right platforms is the easiest way to grow your following. Now regardless of which platform you choose, your audience will only grow if you provide them with quality content.

I’d love to hear about your process for developing and testing new ideas in your business. How do you decide which ideas to pursue? Share your experiences and strategies in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “How to Brand Yourself with Social Media”

  1. As someone who is interested in affiliate marketing and online branding, I found your article on how to brand yourself with social media to be very informative and helpful. I appreciated your exploration of the different social media platforms and their suitability for building a personal brand, as well as your personal experiences and recommendations for how to create a strong and memorable online presence.

    One experience I have had with online branding and social media is that it can be challenging to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing and engagement. Your article provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to build their personal brand through social media, and I appreciate the thoroughness and detail of your research and recommendations.

    • Hey Ronnie, thanks for the comment.  Branding yourself with social media can be a slippery slope. It’s something you have to monitor on a regular basis. Because one little thing can make or break your brand. Just ask Will Smith he’s going to have to wait 10 years, then maybe he can get another chance.  Thanks again Ronnie 

  2. They say the more niche the better…that that’s what the internet is made for.  And, apparently, it’s getting more so all the time.  The more people there are, entering the world of internet marketing, in one way or another, the more niched down everything has to get in order for anybody to stand out.  Is that right?  Or am I missing the mark?

    I’m quite interested in internet/content marketing myself, so coming across you article was just what I needed!  It was quite helpful.


    Keep writing!


    • Thanks Anna, for your comment. You’re right the internet has more on it now than ever before. we had to do things to make ourselves stand out to be seen. We need to use our natural attributes, our strengths, life experiences, emotions these things all help us show our following who we are. Thanks again!

  3. I have to say, after reading the article, anyone trying to build a personal brand on social media would find it helpful and practical.
    The article highlights the qualities one may naturally possess to develop a powerful brand and offers a step-by-step tutorial for creating a personal brand.
    Also, I appreciated that it provides helpful advice on adequately using social media platforms to market one’s business.
    It stresses the value of maintaining a consistent voice, message, and visual identity throughout social media platforms to increase brand identification and visibility.
    Honestly, this post is an excellent resource for anyone using social media to advertise their business and develop their brand efficiently.
    Thank you for this post; I found it very helpful for me.

    • Thanks Miki for your comment. Branding is very important part of your business.  Because it’s how your following connect with you. I’m so glad you picked up on some of the tips in the article. Thanks again. 

    • Thank you Miki, for your comment. You see a lot of people don’t think branding is a big deal. But it’s about connecting with your following, people want to know who they are dealing with. So if you present yourself distasteful you going to loose people. So thanks for picking up on some tips in the article. Thank you. 

  4. I have been working for a while trying to develop a brand on social media.  I think my problem is inconsistency… I don’t work daily on the brand on the platforms in which I am interested.  Your article has really made me think about the way I am going about this.  Thanks for the suggestion of writing down words that describe what I am doing in each of those categories.  That can be the foundation of my social media work.  I appreciate you taking the time to write this article.


    • Thanks  Anastazja, for your comment,  describing oneself helps people identify with who they are dealing with. It’s all about making a connection and showing our followers who we are is a great start. Thanks again for pointing that out. 

  5. I think consistency and authenticity in branding oneself on social media is very important. Your suggestions on how to develop a strong visual identity, such as creating a logo and choosing a color palette, were also very useful. Also, in my opinion, your recommendation to create valuable content that resonates with one’s target audience is essential in building a strong online presence.

    However, I did have a question about how to measure the success of a personal branding strategy on social media. What metrics should one track to determine whether their efforts are paying off, and how can one adjust their strategy if necessary?

    • Thanks, Webtrends for you comment. Great questions, I would think one of the best ways to measure success of your branding would be the increase in followers and getting more engagement from your audience. 

      Here’s a little nugget that has help me boost my branding maybe it can help you. Think about how many people with strong personal brands have written self-help books with their top tips for being successful with their audiences fawning over the content and swearing by the tips to try and change their lives.

      Emulating the success of others can be a great way to bolster your personal branding; just make sure you are not 
      copying it exactly. Thanks again!


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