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It’s All About My Page-It Tells All!

Welcome to My About Page. 

Hi, my name is Mark and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit The My About Me Page- tellit all, my story.

At the very start, I want to say something very important to you, I feel you should know about me.  I’m not a Guru in the online business world, I haven’t mastered all there is to know about online business.

In fact, the only thing I consider myself an expert in, is “The School of Hard Knocks?” where I earned a Master’s Degree in “Learning From My Mistakes” in the online business world.

My story tells of how I started from working for someone else to working for myself in the Online Business World.

MY STORYThe School of Hard Knocks?

A while ago back in 2014, I wanted to find an opportunity to do something different other than work for other people, because I knew it wasn’t going to give me the life, I know I deserve.

I had heard how about the franchise business, but I really didn’t have the funds or any way of acquiring them, my credit score wasn’t well let’s say very good.

Trapped Between a Rock & Hard Place

What I needed was something different, the internet was new to me, and what I was seeing on it wasn’t very appealing.

I didn’t know much about it and I really didn’t have the time to learn the process. You see I was working twelve hours day, 5 to 6 days a week trying to make ends meet that were never going to meet.

Aside from that, I put myself in harm’s way because I thought as a young man, I was invincible and that nothing could happen to me.

I wanted to build a life for my family and myself. I would work two and sometimes three jobs, pushing myself so hard trying to be the breadwinner to the point, that it almost ended my life. I felt like I was between a “Rock and a Hard Place”.

The realization of working for someone or working multiple jobs wasn’t going to get me or my family the kind of lifestyle I dream of and wanted for us. “I had to think smarter!”

What I needed was a wealth creation vehicle platform where I can learn how to start a business.

As time passed, the internet became a place where people did most of their business. These changes help more and more people build a business online and became successful at it.

I needed something like that, that would help me stand alone and become successful, but at the same time get the help I need when I need it.

I went through years of trials and errors, and I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and being scammed by getting Rich Quick Schemes, and Done For You businesses.” They never worked out the way you were told it would, it’s funny how that works!

One day I was talking to a friend about my situation and he showed me an opportunity that changed his life and he thought maybe it would change mine, the beauty of it all was they had a start-up plan that was free. “I figured it was free then what did I have to lose but some time!”

That was all fine and dandy but it also created another problem for me. How was I going to work a full-time job spend time with my family and friends and do this online thing part-time?

I really couldn’t quit my job and dedicate my entire time to building a hit-or-miss online business, I had my family to think of. Heck, where was I going to get the time to dedicate to doing this business I barely have an hour after work, and some days I am so tired when I get home I just fall asleep.

But, my friend had the answer, he had seen others in my position. He told me no one’s expecting a lot of time from you. He said, in fact, the whole system is designed specifically for people who are working at a full-time job and don’t have more than 1 hour a week (that’s less than 10 minutes a day) to dedicate to building their financial freedom.

Then he gave me some good advice, he said as tempting as it may become as you grow your income, “I strongly encourage you NOT to quit your job BEFORE you start making at least $10k a month with this system.

So I decided to give it a try. At first, it wasn’t easy the 10 minutes rule wasn’t cutting it for me to retain the information I was new to the online business world.

But then things started to click and I found 20 minutes, then 30 minutes a day to dedicate to this business, and when times got rough I would just imagine and please imagine with me, what it would be like to have an online business you started in your spare time spending just 30 minutes a day and get to the level where you’re making $8-12k every month.

Without having to spend sleepless nights in an attempt to find a business model you can run part-time and eventually quit your job. Here’s my acronym for JOB, (Just Over Broke). Also, without sacrificing the time with your family. And then, can you imagine how once you start making $8-$12k every month…like clockwork…you walk into your boss’ office and drop your resignation letter? You’re FREE! This online thing really works.

Now if you are really serious about seeing this opportunity I’ve put it at the bottle of the page as my #1 recommendation. Here is the thing, I went through some very hard times, and just as my friend cared about my situation and what it was doing to me, it just felt like it was something that I need to do “Pay it Forward.” That’s why I like to tell you about my “WHY”


Family Togetherness- logo-01

Why do I want to help people? The first reason is I know what it feels like to be between a Hard Place & A Rock.

Doing all you can do only to find out that it’s not enough, it’s like being in quicksand, the more you struggle and work hard to get out the faster you sink.

To add to this, it is really bad when you don’t know or have anyone or anything to turn to. This is why I want to share my story and my ideas of how I got out and hopefully, someone could see my struggles and help themselves or someone else.

I know that the person who introduced me to this opportunity doesn’t need my help, and he wouldn’t want me to try to help him, he’s doing pretty good for himself.

What I realized, I could do is “Pay It Forward”. “The simple way to put it is when someone does something for you and you know they didn’t do it for something in return. You can instead of paying that person back directly pass it on to another person. Someone told me it is like holding the door/elevator open for others. This is my WHY!


The goal of this website, first and foremost, is to help people understand the concept of how the online business world works. Here they will discover ways to enhance their lives using information about Social Media, building an online business, and learning new techniques that will help them be successful in whatever business endeavor they choose, here is My #1 Recommendation for starting an Online Business. Here’s their free Starter Account.

Here Are My Final Thoughts!

An online business can be a lucrative way to start your own company and make money from home. Online businesses take planning and some understanding of online commerce but are easier to start than traditional businesses in many ways.

Craft a business plan for your online business by carefully working through each aspect of your offerings, web presence, marketing, and overall strategy.

Now you can go ahead and source those out yourself, which to be honest is a lot of work, especially if you are a newbie to the online business world or simply use the tools that they have set up.

I got a free Starter Account. They have everything that you need to get your online business up and going faster.

All the best,

Mark Harris

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